Foam Technologies

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We process and create foam from a variety of raw materials and we design products in conjunction with our customers that conform to the highest technical and design standards, and which offer optimal solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.

With our foam technologies we match our products to the respective application requirements in terms of technical quality, composition, form, colour and functionality.
Every NMC product is produced from an individualized compound of raw materials; through the admixture of additives and colorant the product achieves the particular desired technical quality, form, colour, density and composition. By means of in-house conversion and processing we match the end product to specific customer requirements and thus create further added value.

The required raw materials, such as plastic granules, are put into an extruder. There, with the help of a large worm shaft, the granules and the required mixed-in additives are heated, pushed forward and brought to a plastic state. This plastic mass is extruded with high pressure via tools (popularly termed "nozzles") designed in-house. The pressure decreases at the nozzle outlet and the mass expands and then immediately cools off. When it achieves room temperature it takes its final expanded form and can be cut into sections or processed further.
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Technical foams

Extruded polyethylene (XPE)
Extruded polypropylene (XPP)
Extruded polystyrene (XPS)
Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
Expanded polyurethane (PUR)
Cross-linked polyolefin(XLPO)
Foam extrusion from synthetic rubber


XPE & XPP : from 18 up to 600 kg/m
XPS : from 55 up to 600 kg/m
PUR : from 200 up to 600 kg/m
XLPO: from 28 up to 200 kg/m

Cell structure: open & closed cells

Cell Size: from 50 up to 1,000 cells/cm
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Our foam sheet dimensions are available in stock in standard lengths matched to different areas of application. We gladly meet specific customer requirements and manufacture custom solutions as ordered. Foam sheet dimensions are up to 2.2 m wide with a thickness beginning from 3 mm (single layer), up to 120 mm (multiple layers), and are deliverable in rolls or sheets.


Our assortment contains more than 15 standard colours for non cross-linked foam and more than 10 standard colours for cross-linked foam. Special colours are available on request.

Application-oriented additives

Performance modifiers can influence the compression strength, resiliency, tear resistance, elongation, UV resistance, fire resistance, thermal conductivity, density and visual characteristics in addition to other technical qualities of the product.
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We have both standard and specially developed customer-requested tools available which allow us to extrude a wide range of different geometries and profiles.


Our products are chemical-resistant and temperature-resistant and they distinguish themselves by their low water permeability. They are produced fully without CFCs and HCFCs. The majority of our products (XPE, XPP, XPS, EPS) are 100% recyclable.